Convenor: Paul Payten

Deputy Convenor: Harriett Swift

Treasurer: Valerie Faber

Secretary: Bronte Somerset

Assistant Secretary: Richard Parker

Ordinary Committee Members:
Seán Burke, Heather Kenway, Lisa Stone, Scott 'Sooty' Daines, Julie Taylor-Mills

Co-opted Committee Member:
Jamie Shaw

Web Editor: Bronte Somerset

SERCA's Representative to the Nature Conservation Council:
Julie Taylor-Mills from Coastwatchers.


1. Chipstop. | Contact: Harriett Swift

2. The Coastwatchers Association Inc. | Contact | Coastwatchers' website

3. Colong Foundation for Wilderness | Contact: Keith Muir.

4. Friends of Five Forests | Contact: Suzanne Foulkes.

5. Friends of the Forest Facebook | Contact

6. Great Southern Forest | Contact

7. Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) Protection Group | Contact: Seán Burke
Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) Protection Group was set up in response to the commencement of logging operations on the south-western face of Gulaga in late 1988. Joined by members of the Wallaga Lake and Tilba communities, our campaign stopped the logging rather quickly and triggered an investigation into the significance of Gulaga to contemporary Aboriginal people. As a result of the Gulaga Report (1991), the whole mountain was protected, gazetted as an Aboriginal Place and eventually handed back to the Yuin Traditional Owners in 2006.

8. National Forest Embassy | Contact: Elizabeth Walton

9. National Parks Association, Far South Coast Branch | Contact: Dave Gallan, President.

10. South East Forest Rescue | Contact: Lisa Stone.

11. Southern Forest Watchers | Contact: Chris Kowal.

12. Stop Arms Fairs in Eurobodalla. | Contact: Allan Baxter, President. | SAFE PO Box 359, Narooma, NSW, 2546

Organisations to which SERCA belongs

Better Planning Network | Nature Conservation Council - Forests

Organisations with which SERCA has an Affiliation

Conservation Council ACT | Contact Facebook | Markets for Change

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If you would like to become part of the SERCA, you need to be a member of one of the groups above. Please contact one of these groups, join up and then email us at SERCA and ask to be included in our online mailing lists for information.


Please download and print this membership form, fill it in and post to PO Box 724, Narooma NSW 2546 AUSTRALIA.


Conservation, environment and concerned citizens groups on the South Coast formed the South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc.(SERCA) in September 2005. It was incorporated on 2nd June 2008 (INC9889501).

This action was taken to maximise efforts and resources and has been triggered initially by four major environmental issues affecting the region. These were the (then) new Batemans Shelf Marine Park; continued woodchipping of native forests; the release of the NSW Governments South Coast Regional Planning Strategy; and a range of national park management issues.

SERCA campaigns for new native forest management to protect Australia's unique forest environmental values. It considers that over-logging has severely damaged forests, their tree, plant and animal species, their soils and micro-organisms, and their capacity to contribute to clean water supplies; and that this damage has contributed significantly to regional climate change and global warming. Trees in logged areas are not regrowing as expected. Many forest species are endangered or threatened, their numbers severely reduced.

Australia now has plantation wood that has already substituted for most of our domestic and export wood needs, and could substitute for the rest. Our forest policies need urgent change, for the sake of future generations as well as our own. Instead both Commonwealth and State governments, at industry's urging, threaten to add another damaging use for native forests - logging and burning native forest biomass for large scale electricity generation and biofuels and advanced plastics.

SERCA co-operates with conservation and Indigenous organisations in this and other regions and States in campaigning for new management of Australia's native forests. It is a member of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and the Australian Forests and Climate Alliance.

What we do

SERCA's operational area of interest encompasses the shires of Eurobodalla, Bega Valley and Bombala (plus parts of Cooma-Monaro and Snowy River).

SERCA brings environment and community groups together to ensure their voice is heard by government decision-makers. The real environmental and community concerns of residents who live in the region are only being given lip service by local and state government.

SERCA believes that community groups on the coast have attempted to constructively participate in formal environmental processes, but are not succeeding in protecting the coast from damaging development, nor from inappropriate land and forest management practices.

SERCA groups are working, both individually and collectively, to achieve eight major objectives:

  1. Protection and restoration of native ecosystems, regardless of tenure;
  2. Maintaining and improving biodiversity for all native species;
  3. Promotion of ecologically sustainable land management across all land tenures;
  4. Protection of catchment values;
  5. Ending of woodchipping of native forests;
  6. Forging of strong and positive partnerships with indigenous groups;
  7. Protection and restoration of wilderness; and
  8. Promotion of an understanding and an appreciation of nature | PO Box 724 Narooma NSW 2546 AUSTRALIA.
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