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Australian Eddie Woo, one of the top ten maths teachers in the world.
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Recommendation: The Government should explore whether the RET eligibility for native forest wood waste is likely to increase the rate of logging of native forests. If it is not, then wood waste eligibility should be reinstated, subject to appropriate accreditation processes designed to ensure that no additional logging occurs as a result. Decision: Rejected

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Chipmill project needs more work say Greens Les Murphy, Merimbula News, 16.02.2011

Forests NSW accused of illegal logging Green Left, Simon Butler 13.02.2011

TV gardener Peter Cundall guilty over mill protest Daily Telegraph David Killick 11.02.2011

Council supports logging industry Bega District News 11.02.2011

New report slams Forests NSW illegal logging. Independent Media Centre Australia 08.02.2011

Lois, the local activist Justin Law, Bega District News, 04.01.11


'Mountains to Coast' Corridors Abstract for NSW Coastal Volunteers Forum, Mike Thompson, 27.02.11

New National National Conservation Council forest policy: end native forest logging, with a rapid transition to plantation sourced timber Natural Advantage Platform, The Wilderness Society

Chipping Away The Age, Royce Millar and Adam Morton, 22.11.2010

Timber industry rejects national dealMatthew Denholm, Tasmania correspondent, Comment by Prue Acton The Australian 20.10.2010

Labor's forest talk is cheap: ecologist. The Age Royce Millar and Adam Morton, 13.11.2010

Timber industry rejects national deal Matthew Denholm, Tasmania correspondent, Comment by Prue Acton The Australian 20.10.2010

Tasmanian Forests Statement of Principles to Lead to an Agreement CFMEU 10.2010

Far South Coast logging contractor fined $30,150.00 and ordered to pay the Department of the Environment SEFR 10.2010

Historic deal on forests The Age, Andrew Darby, 10.2010

Prime Minister establishes Climate Change Committee 09.10 .rtf 41kb

Gunns announcement offers hope for better deal on NSW native forests Nature Conservation Council NSW 09.10

The Great Eastern Ranges Proving our biggest and best idea. Stuart Cohen 07.10

Special Report: Europe finds politics and biofuels don't mix Pete Harrison BRUSSELS | Mon Jul 5, 2010 10:01am EDT

Battle over burning forests, Paddy Manning, Brisbane Times, 06.10

Forest of Kristinas a protest saw point Daily Telegraph 06.10

Constance Says it's a 'Waste of Money' BDN 04.10

Mumbulla Logging is stopped again BDN 04.10

Proposed Eden biomass power station an environmental and climate disaster Weblink - Independent Media Centre Australia 04.10

Logging Protest Continues BDN 04.10

Dead Koala shock for visitors BDN 04.10

Koalas can be saved Deborah Tabart in BDN. Steve Strevens 03.10

Woodchip logging in the Bega River Catchment Richard Blakers 03.10

Tense stand-off over koala colony World News 03.10

The Habitat Advocate - A Habit Conservation Website

Proposed chipmill woodfired power station in the Colong Foundation bulletin. Harriett Swift. 21.10.09

Carr announces Eden forests decision. Margaret Allum, Green Left - 1998 .rtf 12kb

Koalas in the Bega Valley, J Hibberd, 02.10

Interim Koala Report NSW Dept. Environment, Climate Change & Water 02.10 b


Logging Bermagui forest: the northern gateway to Bermagui and to the Coastal Wilderness region of South East Australia.

Public Forum: Forests, Climate and Woodchips: The Burning Issue, held at Twyford Hall, Merimbula on 01.09.2009. Summary of Walter Jehne's talk.

Biodiversity Summit 2009: Biodiversity for Climate Protection. Organised by Lawyers for Forests and the Green Institute. 09.2009.

Nation must embrace 'awful arithmetic' of Garnaut cuts SMH Ben Cubby 12.09

Kevin Petty's move to 'allay fears' over logging at Bermagui. Steve Strevens BDN 06.10.09

Protect and Plant Forests, An Analysis of Forestry Carbon Sequestration as a Response to Climate Change, by Prof. Brent Sohngen. Released by the Copenhagen Consensus Center, 14.08.09

Australia's Climate Action Summit: Approved Policy Recommendations on Climate Change Draft, 2.02.09

Breach Inspection Report: compiled by Tony Whan, South East Forest Rescue 11.07.09

Protect Wildlife From Logging say Chipmill Protesters. Swift and Stone 30.06.09

New Alliance Formed to Fight for Forests 02.09

Rudd ready to subsidise Gunns pulp mill Bob Brown. 06.2009

There are renewed calls to stop logging in old growth forests after new research found they could be the most valuable source of carbon in the world. ABC Radio 16.06.09 Weblink

Politicians spin on the effect of carbon dioxide on global warning is too simplistic. Walter Jehne

Jamie Durie launches Greenpeace Good Wood Guide and Joint Statement on Illegal Logging

Green Institute Update 05.06

An urgent and important message from Greens Senators about the CPRS legislation from Senator Bob Brown 04.05

New measures for the carbon pollution reduction scheme a collection of papers on the Dept. of Climate Change website

The Age: It's time to stop and get off the Gunns pulp mill merry-go-round, Bob McMahon, 08.01

Prescribed burns are prejudging the bushfire inquiry: Crikey email news, 04.09.

Update on logging activities in south coast/southern region 03.2009

Chipmill owner buys Australian paper mill: Harriett Swift 22.02

Transcript: of Fran Kelly interviewing Penny Wong, ABC Radio National. 23.03.2009.. Climate Change, Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, Nation Building and Jobs Plan, Household Energy Efficiency Measures.

Threat to wildlife may halt South Coast project, SMH 25.02, John Hibberd

Australian Forest and Climate Alliance (AFCA) - Vision and Policy Principles 01.09


Report on the Moruya Forest and Climate Change Forum. CWA Hall. 29.11.2008.

Public Forums on the Role of Forests in Climate Change.

Protestors push for preservation of native forests. ABC PM. 6.11.2008 Reporter: Jayne Margetts

Australian National University Green Annual Report

Chips are down for loggers Marian Wilkinson

ActiveConservationists slam Finnish paper maker for logging 'virgin forest: Climate Ark

Country Energy Won't Buy Electricity from Eden Chipmill

Link to photographs of the aftermath of Bermagui logging Samantha Davis

Variety definitions of waste wood clouds the issue of electricity production for native forest biomass.

Forests NSW Logging of South Coast forests threatens Koala habitat and carbon storage

$1.2m Koala Recovery Program a Joke while Bermi logging continues

Police warn protestors of illegal activity during logging operations in Bermagui State Forest

Response from Minister Mcdonald to question about cancellation of RFAs

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