Submissions to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) re its Report on the RFAs, and the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) regarding the future of the RFAs.

Media Release from Paul Toole Minister for Lands and Forestry announcing negotiations on the future of forests

Lois Katz | South East Forest Rescue | Bronte Somerset

Submissions to the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) re the Murrah Flora Reserves Draft Working Plan

Mike Thompson | Sean Burke | Bronte Somerset |


Save our Species submission. Sean Burke. 02.03.2017

Community requests intended for mitigation of harm and death to native wildlife and reduction of negative effects on the community caused by tree harvesting carried out by Forestry Corporation in each and every harvest compartment in NSW. Dunns Creek Action Group. Lisa Pfitzner. 05.11.2017.

Comments on SEPP 44 provisions for koala protection 12.02.2017.


Inquiry into flying-fox management in the eastern states. SERCA. 18.11.2016.

Speech to Bega Valley Shire Council. Geelong Trawler. Sven Helland. 18.05.2016

Biodiversity Legislation Review Various conservation groups. 19.02.2016

Brief: GREAT SOUTHERN FOREST. National Parks Association, SERCA, National Trust Far South Coast Branch. 01.09.2016


NSW Forest Management Plans / IFOA / RFA Reviews Mike Thompson. Nature.Net. 20.11.2015.

Submission on Forest Industry Australia’s Strategic Direction Mike Thompson. Nature.Net. 05.06.2015.

Inquiry into the Australian forestry industry Prue Acton. 05.06.2015

Nature.Net on Emissions Reduction Fund ‘Safeguard mechanism’ Consultation paper Mike Thompson. Nature.Net. 27.04.2015


IFOA Discussion Paper. Lois Katz. 07.04.2014

Submission on Coastal IFOA Remake. Tony Whan. Sefr. 07.04.2014

Submission on Coastal IFOAs remake discussion paper Heather Kenway. SERCA. 06.04.2014

Forests and Forestry policies for an Age of Uncertainty. What we are asking of the NSW Government. Heather Kenway. SERCA. 06.04.2014

Submission on Coastal IFOA Remake. Mike Thompson. NatureNet. 06.04.2014

Submission on IFOA Remake-14 years of forest failure. Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 01.04.2104

Submission on Forest Management’ Green Paper: Emissions Reduction Fund ‘buy-backs’ Mike Thompson. Nature.Net. 21.02.2014

Draft EPBC Act referral guidelines for the vulnerable koala (combined populations of Queensland, NSW and the ACT). Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 01.2014


Draft Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Native Forest Bio-material) Regulation 2013 | SERCA Submission, H Kenway Attachments A, B, C and D | R Parker | B Somerset | H Swift, Chipstop | M Thompson, NatureNet 20.08.2013

Submission to the White Paper and Planning Review of the Government of New South Wales Friends of Durras. 06.2013

To the White Paper, New Planning System for NSW More holistic Regional Planning. Mike Thompson, NatureNet. 28.06.2013

Eurobodalla Koalas project Pilot Study Report Coastwatchers 01.2013

Inquiry Into the Status, Health and Sustainability of Australia's Koala Population. Submission Regarding Koalas in SE NSW. Chris Allen, Bega.01.2013

Submission to the Senate Inquiry: The Effectiveness of Threatened Species and Ecological Communities' Protection in Australia SERCA 01.2013


Oakeshott Motion Briefing: Rationale for Opposing Changes to the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Regulations 2011 (No.5) Which Would Include Using Native Forests in Wood Fired Electricity Generators

Dead Koala Pellets South East Regional Conservation Alliance, Prue Acton, Spokesperson 12.02.2012

Senate Committee Inquiry into The Effectiveness of Threatened Species and Ecological Communities’ Protection in Australia South East Forest Rescue 12.2012

Submissions to the Senate's Inquiry: The effectiveness of threatened species and ecological communities' protection in Australia Harriett Swift 19; The Colong Foundation for Wilderness 43; SEFR 62; NCC 134; NPA 142; Prue Acton 152; SERCA 164. 12.2012

Submissions to Office of Heritage and Environment on Native Vegetation Regulations for Private Native Forests | Kim Taysom, NPA | Sean Burke, Gulaga Protection Board | Bronte Somerset 24.08.2012

Private members bill to the NSW Parlt. to increase penalties for illegal forestry operations tenfold Luke Foley, MLC Shadow Min. for Env. & Climate Change. 15.06.2012

The General Manager, Bega Valley Shire Council. Objection to Pambula Firewood establishment Harriett Swift 22.02.2012

Address to Council regarding the Nippon Paper Company’s Pellet Plant Application Lois Katz, 07.02.2012

Address to Bega Valley Shire Council, Planning and Environment Committee - DA No.2011.0035: Installation of a pilot wood pellet manufacturing plant – Lot 16 DP 1066187, Edrom Road, Eden. Prue Acton, 07.02.2012

Speech to Bega Valley Shire Council, Eden chipmill wood pellet plant Harriett Swift 07.02.2012

Speech to Bega Valley Shire Council opposing Eden Chip Mill’s Pellet Plant Development Application Bronte Somerset 17.01.2012


Transcript of FNSW's presentation to the Senate's Koala Inquiry Environment and Communications References Committee, C'wlth Aust. 01.08.2011

Evaluation of Senate's Recommendations from their koala population Inquiry (from a SE NSW forests' perspective), Bronte Somerset, SERCA 06.10.2011

Answers to Questions on Notice from Senate Inquiry FNSW 22.08.2011

Cortona Company’s Mining Proposal At Dargues Reef. Lois Katz 10.08.2011

Representations On Notice of an Application for Protection of Mumbulla, Murrah, and Bodalla State Forests Dr Christos Mantziaris from Lois Katz. 09.08.2011

Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications. Inquiry into the status, health and sustainability of Australia's koala population Far SE NSW contributors and their Submission numbers (pls.advise omissions):
Robert Bertram, No.14; Chris Allen, No.35; Jenny Spinks, No.53; Coastwatchers, No.54; John Hibberd, No.61; Prue Acton, No.84; Bronte Somerset, No.96. 08.2011

Eden Woodchip Mill Pellet Plant Bega Valley Shire Council DA 2011.35 Lot 16DP 10666187 Harriett Swift 24.05.2011

The Secretary Committee on Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries & Forestry. Subject: Submission to Inquiry into the Australian Forest Industry Mike Thompson, Facilitator, Nature.Net Pty Ltd. 24.03.2011 414kb

Re Eden woodchip mill pellet plant to Bega Valley Shire Council DA2011.35 Lot 16 DP 1066187. Prue Acton 24.02.2011 74kb

Re Eden woodchip mill pellet plant to Bega Valley Shire Council DA2011.35 Lot 16 DP 1066187. Bronte Somerset 21.02.2011 74kb Council response

To the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency on the Carbon Farming Initiative Dr Judith Ajani The Australian National University Fenner School of Environment and Society


Submission on criterion 5.6 to FSC AUSTRALIA Mike Thompson. Nature.Net. 09.10 57kb

Letter to Hon Mike Kelly, Senator Wong and Minister Burke re request for meeting re their response to submission. 33kb

The Australian forestry industry’s financial crisis and the proposal from South East Fibre Exports (SEFE) to build a wood fired power station at its Eden woodchip mill Heather Kenway 06.10 112kb | Dr Kelly's response to the above Submission. 32kb

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act for listing Koalas as Vulnerable. Prue Acton 06.10 48kb

The Eden Native Forest Fed Woodchip Power Station Proposal South East Forest Rescue 02.10 500kb

Forestmedia on South East Fibre Export’s Proposal to Build a Wood Fired Power Station at Eden Forestmedia 05.10 100kb

Biomass-Fired Power Station Major Project Application 09_0034 serca 05.10

World Wildlife Fund submission re SEFE 04.10 140kb

Submission Biomass-fired power station for Edrom, Twofold Bay. Mick Harewood, 04.10 108kb

SERCA Submission, Biomass-Fired Power Station, Major Project Application 09_0034 04.10 116kb 56kb

Submission by Canopy Native Forest Committee to Environmental Plaintiff Officer re proposed Eden Biomass-Fired Power Station. Graham Daly 04.10 56kb 56kb

Breaches of the IFOA by State Forests NSW (SFNSW) in Mumbulla State Forest Compartment No 2135. Bronte Somerset. 15.04.2010

Submission by Forestmedia on SEFE Environmental Assessment: Lorraine Bowers 21.04.10 100kb

To Australian Government on draft Native Vegetation Framework Mike Thompson. Nature.Net. 04.10 152kb

To Dept. of Planning re proposed wood fired power station, Lois Katz 04.10 36kb


Draft Towamba Catchments Water Sharing Plan. Mick Harewood, 11.09
Attachment: Plantations and Reafforestation Act and Code Review. Mick Harewood 07.05

Regional Forest Agreement Review - Dept of Environment & Climate Change NSW John Hibberd for SERCA 09.09

Submission on the Draft Report on Progress with Implementation of the New South Wales RFAs Canopy Native Forest Committee, Total Environment Centre, Level 4, 78 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Graham Daly, Chairperson, 09.09

SERCA Submission to Senate Economics Legislation Committee, Inquiry into the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2009 and a related bill. Prue Acton 07.09

Biomass energy and the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target, Briefing paper for Senator Christine Milne, Prepared by Dr Jane Growns 07.09

Submission to the The Chair and Members of Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Committee Mike Thompson 10.06

Submission to the Senate Select Committee Inquiry on Climate policy. Prue Acton 04.09

Submission to the Senate Inquiry on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bil Mick Harewood, 07.04.2009

Updated submission on emissions from State Forests (2010-2020) Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy, NatureNet, Mike.Thompson. 06.04.09

Submission on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper Harriett Swift

Submission on reducing emissions from State Forests. (2010-2020) to Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy, NatureNet, Mike Thompson. 18.03.2009

Questions on Notice re Eden chipmill power station to the Minister for Environment and the Minister for Energy. John Kaye 30.03.09

Submission on the exclusion of native forest biomass from the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) Scheme – Exposure Draft Legislation. Coastwatchers 11.02.2009

SERCA submission on draft legislation on the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target scheme currently under consideration by the COAG Working Group on Climate Change and Water.

Submission on draft legislation for Renewable Energy Target scheme released for public comment, Harriett Swift, CHIPSTOP

More about Climate Action Groups


SERCA submission on Draft Terms of Reference of The NSW Forest Agreements and Intergrated Forestry Operations Approvals Five Year Review Bridie McEntee

Submission to Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, GreenPaper, Terence Digwood, 10.09.2008

Submission re discussion paper: Abatement incentives prior to the commencement of the Australian emissions trading scheme. Heather Kenway

Submission from COAG working group on climate change and water. Design Options for the Expanded National Renewable Energy Target Scheme. Harriett Swift, CHIPSTOP

Submission on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper, Harriett Swift.

Submission on working group on climate change and water. Design options for expanded national renewable energy target scheme. Coastwatchers. 20.07.2008

Submission to Dept of Climate Change on National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System Regulations Policy Paper by Heather Kenway

Submission to Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper, Forests, woodlands and healthy soils are good for carbon (and water) Plantations are good for wood and fibre products. Prue Acton.

Submission on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper Nature Net Mike Thompson, 07.2008

Submission to the Committee of Australian Governments (COAG) on Renewable Energy Target. Mike Thompson, 07.2008

Submission to The Director Renewable Electricity Markets Team Department of Climate Change by Prue Acton

Submission on Issues Paper 1 (Climate Change: Land use-Agriculture and Forestry) Mick Harewood, 01.2008

Submission in response to issues paper 1 Climate change: land use – agriculture and forestry. Coastwatchers Jenny Edwards 01.01.2008

Submission to Senate re Emision trading target, Senator Bob Brown, 01.12.2008

Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper, NatureNet, 07.2008

Addendum to Submission to the Commonwealth Government on Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper. Peter J. Wood and Judith Ajani. 09.2008

Submission to Senate re logging Senator Bob Brown.


Submission for Garnaut Review Issues Paper 1 Climate Change: Land use – Agriculture and Forestry Comments by Heather Kenway

Submission to Garnaut Climate Change Review - final report Harriett Swift

Submission to Garnaut review, Terence Digwood


Submission on Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management Five-Year Review for the Eden Regional Forest Agreement. Mick Harewood, 04.2005.


2003 submission by Aron Gingis Weblink


Notes prepared for the South Coast Water Management Committee re Seasonal Reductions in Water Yield due to Intensive Logging and Regeneration. Mick Harewood, 02.2000

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