We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we work and live, and pay our respect to Elders, past, present and future.

This website is a record of the industry of local and regional campaigners, scientists and economists, whose efforts and work stand as a witness of the need to protect our precious public native forests.

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With 80 per cent of South Coast forests burnt-now is the time to end native forest logging. The current fires have also burnt the Eden chipmill, which for 50 years has been the driver of all logging on the far south coast. Fires have killed over a billion animals and generated hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. ... Read more here



This not a time for blaming anyone for these extreme fires, it is a time to offer support and collaboration in rebuilding our lives. As each one of us is reassessing how to adapt to our changing world, we ask that the timber industry and Governments re-examine options for a future timber industry.

Millions of animals have died, many more will die from injuries and starvation. Air and water quality is a threat to health. Many industries and livelihoods inside and outside the forestry industry have suffered losses. Remaining forest and habitat is more precious than ever.

The current dire situation reinforces the recent calls by conservation groups for a moratorium on native forest logging. We call now for Governments to complete quickly the transition out of native forests into plantations. Nationally, plantations already provide for most of our domestic and export wood needs.

SERCA recognises that many of the timber workers have valuable trades and other skills and there are ways for them to transition to sustainable work in the region. For example, the Forestry Corporation has spoken of urgent priority tasks, ‘a race against time’, requiring ‘all hands on deck’, recovering and treating burnt plantation trees for milling, and replanting areas to replace young trees too badly burnt. Much more is possible with Government assistance in retraining.

This is a terrible time for everyone and now is the time to be thinking and acting in a positive way about future options - community, industry and Governments.

Dave Gallan's Home of the Quoll. Highly Commended most popular people's choice in the British Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 2018.

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