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To Phil Bishop, Director of Merchandise, Bunnings Group. Nick Hopkins, Coastwatchers. 07.07.2021.

To the Editor, The Beagle. Stop logging our already gutted forests. Michelle Hamrosi. 13.03.2020.

To the Editor, Canberra Times. Mill No Loss. Dr Bronte Somerset. 09.01.2020.

To the Editor of The Economist. DRAX Power Station. Dr. Frances Perkins. National Trust. 09.12.2019.

To the Editor Eden Magnet. Wildfires and Logging. Gloria Tommy. 11.2019.

To the Editor Bega District News. 50 years too long. Dr. Bronte Somerset. 29.11.2019.

To Erica Hansen, Pentarch FSC. Re the Pentarch Forestry Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Controlled Wood (CW) due diligence systems summary and Wood Mark’s evaluation of Pentarch conformance to FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1 Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood. Harriett Swift. SERCA. 10.12.2018

From Nick Roberts, Forest Corp to Suzanne Sherwood re Corunna State Forest. 05.12.2018

To the Editor Re Logging of the Corn Trail. Braidwood Times. 2018.

To the Editor Trail About to be Logged. Published in Canberra Times. 03.12.2018.

To the Editor Imagining beyond the woodchip debate. NPA FSC branch. Bronte Somerset. 24.08.2018

To the Editor Logging adds to fire risk. Chipstop. Harriett Swift. 18.08.2018

To the Editor, Bega District News. re IFOA process. Chipstop. Harriett Swift 06.06.2018

To the Editor re IFOA consultation process. Chipstop. Harriett Swift. 31.05.2018.

To the Editor South Coast Koalas ignored in new Government strategy. Chipstop. Harriett Swift. 07.05.2018.

Discussion with Mark Jones, FCorp, re application of Glenbog protocol in comps 144-145 Mogo State Forest and in ALL future compartments. Lisa Pfitzner. 20.02.2018

To Penny Sharpe Seeking Ethical Principles be applied to the RFA submission process. Seán Burke, SERCA

To Mr Shane Clohesy, Operations Planning Manager, Forestry Corporation of NSW, Batemans Bay, Attention: Melanie Dyne. Proposed logging in Glenbog State Forest koala habitat Cpt 2341, 2342, 2343,2345, 2346. Harriett Swift, Chipstop. 20.01.2018

A few letters to editors. Bronte Somerset.

To Sydney Morning Herald. Reference to Nick Roberts’, CEO Forestry Corporation of NSW, single tree policy. Bronte Somerset. 18.08.2017

To Bega District News. Tantawangalo logging concern. Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 02.04.2017

To Megan Costello,Senior Planner, Forest Corp. NSW. Proposed logging in Yambulla State Forest koala habitat, Cpts 257, 258 and 259 . Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 10.04.2017

The mystery of the missing koalas in our southern forests came to our attention with the First koala spotted in 75 years in Kosciuszko National Park – ABC. Dr Prue Acton. 14.12.2016

To FCorp. Response to Nick Roberts, CEO Forestry Corporation NSW, Letter to the Editor Canberra Times, 6 October. Dr Frances Perkins, former Chief Economist, Competition Policy, Commonwealth Treasury, and former lecturer in Cost Benefit Analysis, Australian National University. 13.10.2016

To the Editor, Bega District News. Extreme weather opportunity. Paul Payten. 23.07.2016.

ABC segment on Facebook, SERCA’s response to Cooma-Monaro Shire Council 23.01.2015.
To Dr Peter Hendy 17.02.2015 and PM Malcolm Turnbull 17.02.2015 from Wildcare President and Koala Coordinator and koala sanctuary owner, James Fitzgerald.

To Cooma Monaro Shire Council. NBN tower threat to core koala habitat in Numeralla, Re: Proposed Fixed Wireless Facility, 149 Peak View Road, Numeralla NSW 2630. James Fitzgerald. 30.01.2015.

To Editors Merimbula Weekly News and Bega District News.All logging always adds to fire risk. Harriett Swift. 02.11.2015

To Editor Bega Distict News. Forestry Corporation Management Costs claim. Harriett Swift. 22.3.2015

Chipmill Closure. Merimbula News. | Bega District News. Bronte Somerset. 11.12.2013

To Bronte Somerset from G Whytcross re PNF protection for koalas EPA. 21.11.2013

To the Editor re Fire Intensity. Seán Burke. 17.11.2013

To Mr Daniel Tuan Regional Manager, Forestry Corporation of NSW, Batemans Bay Proposed logging in Yambulla State Forest koala habitat. Harriett Swift. Chipstop. 23.09.2013

To Kevin Petty Forest Corporation of NSW Re Glenborg State Forest notification of logging where there are historic records of koalas. Prue Acton. 12.09.2013

To the Editor, Forestry Corporation, re Local government rates Harriett Swift. 21.06.2013

To Forestry Corporation of NSW Re Proposed logging in Glenbog State Forest koala habitat. Chipstop. 03.06.2013

To Editors, re National Parks. Prue Acton. 02.06.2013

To Forestry Corporation of NSW Re Proposed logging in Bondi and Nalbough State Forest koala habitat. Chipstop. 16.05.2013

To The Editor Of Regional Media. Harriett Swift. 15.05.2013

To Mr Daniel Tuan Regional Manager Forestry Corporation of NSW Batemans Bay re Proposed logging in Gnupa/ Nullica Forests. Prue Acton 08.05.2013

To the Editor, recreational hunting in NSW National Parks. Nothing game about hunters! John Perkins. 12.03.2103

Mistrust in Origins of Regional Forestry Agreements. Bronte Somerset 02.2013

To Mr Daniel Tuan Regional Manager Forestry Corporation of NSW Batemans Bay re Proposed logging in Gnupa/ Nullica Forests. Harriett Swift 02.05.2013

To Mr Daniel Tuan, Regional Manager, Forests NSW. Logging in Tanja State Forest. Harriett Swift 21.07.2012

Koala Protection at Last? Seán Burke BDN, Narooma News 06.05.2012

Mayday for Koalas. Seán Burke. Narooma News. 01.05.2012

To Kevin Jones, Soil Association/Woodmark; Andre de Freitas, FSC International, CEO; Natalie Reynolds, FSC Australia, Acting CEO. Re: Repudiation of Boral Timber Fibre Exports (BTFE) controlled wood assessment process; rejection of associated Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation process. from: Dailan Pugh, North East Forest; Alliance Ashley Love, North Coast Environment Council; John Edwards, Clarence Environment Centre; Lisa Stone, South East Forest Rescue; Seán Burke, SERCA; Naomi Hogan, The Wilderness Society; Mike Thompson, NatureNet

Scientists Warn off Oakeshott The Editor, The Australian, Lois Katz. 29.02.2012

Don’t Buy Reflex Paper, The Editor BDN, Lois Katz. 28.02.2012

To The Editor BDN, Who Pays For The Forest Ferals To Sit Up Tripods? Harriett Swift, 17.02.2012

Woodchipper Protest “Bizarre”. Harriett Swift, Bega District News 13.12.2011

Stopping Logging Must Come First Megan Sherwood, Bega District News 29.11.11

Logging Destroying Koala Forests, Prue Acton, 01.11.2011

Destroying native forests for woodchips is all wrong John Hibber, Canberra Times 17.10.2011

To Gerry Norman re ‘Use True Plantation Wood, It’s Good” Lois Katz, 29.09.2011

‘Save the Koala Month’ Bega District News Lois Katz 27.09.2011

No compromises by FNSW for Tanja Forest logging 26.09.2011

To BDN Blinding Self Interest Response to Rutherford. Suzanne Foulkes, 19.07.2011

To The Age, The Australian, Canberra Times, Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph, SMH: Logging Koala Habitat Commences in Bermagui Bronte Somerset 26.06.2011

To BDN Response to Cr Campbell’s letter in BDN June 17. 2011. Suzanne Foulkes 21.06.2011

To SMH Logging With Disregard Forests NSW Thumbs Their Nose at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act. SEFR 21.06.2011

To Eden Magnet: How did koalas survive for 15 million years without any help at all from loggers? Harriett Swift, 16.06.2011

From M Ward, OfficeWorks in response to Lois Katz’ letter to him and her response to him 25.05.2011

The Editor, Bay Post, in response to Dave Morgan “Fishers applaud election result”. 06.04.2011

To Bega District News, Narooma News and Eden Magnet re Peter Mitchell’s letter who suggested that protesters protest by going on a starvation diet, and donate the money saved by not eating to a ‘real’ environmental cause like WIRES or Landcare. Dan Katz 10.02.2011

The Editor in response to Philip Creagh (23-2-11) ‘More balance needed in forest protest’ Narooma News John Perkins 01.03.2011

The Editor, Letter in response to Neville Hughes, Imlay Magnet, Mick Harewood & Sue Norman 27.02.2011

Chipmill Boss wrong on Roads Editor Bega District News, Harriett Swift 26.01.2011

The Age, VicForests Operations Condemnded Catherine Moore 24.02.11

To Climate Minister, Greg Combet in Mexico published in Canbera Times Lois Katz 10.12.10

Where the Fairness? Comment on Ben Cubby, SMH ‘When trees fall in the forests’ SMH Lois Katz 12.11.10

Logging Industry Wants to Import More Loggers – Jobs are going unfilled SMH Lois Katz 3.11.10

Schedule for the end of native forest logging. SMH Lois Katz 01.11.10

Letter sent to SMH re Dead Koala Power Harriett Swift 01.11.10

Editor BDN, re end of logging, Lois Katz, 1.11.10

Editor BDN, re Vince Philips’ lack of responsiblity claim Harriett Swift, 16.10.10

Laying waste to logging claims Seán Burke, SMH 3.11.2010 b

Logging Issues, sent to The Australian, Prue Acton, 12.10.2010

Time to stop “dead koala” woodchips Prue Acton Editor Weekly Times 10.2010

Clean Energy for Eternity meeting with candidates Bronte Somerset BDN 08.10

Boobook Organisation Political party responses to Boobook supporter questions. Conservationists mark parties harshly. Gabrielle Dunlevy. 08.10

Confronting Gillard and Abbot on environmental degredation, Prue Acton. BDN. 08.2010

Mr Yoshio Haga, President Nippon Paper Group Inc., Tokyo, Japan English | Japanese Convenor, SERCA 10.2010

The “waste” Lie Colin Sagar 08.2010

Re Opposition Leader Published SMH 08.2010 Dan Katz

Congratulations on receiving a Volunteers’ Grant from The Hon Jenny Macklin MP 07

Burning our forests for electricity BDN. Prue Acton. 06.2010

Morinokoe campaign, Anja Light 06.2010

Stop logging for woodchips and don’t even think about burning for power. SMH Prue Acton 06.2010

Timber Haulage Through Tiny Quaama Village BDN. Megan Sherwood, 06.2010

Forestry crisis or opportunity? History tells us those civilizations that clear and degrade forests die. Prue Acton, 06.2010

From G Whytcross to Bronte Somerset re protection of koalas in Murrah and Mumbulla State Forests. EPA. 10.05.2010

To Editors of SMH, BDN and local papers Prue Acton 05.2010

To Crown Forestry Policy and Regulation, DECCW, re Breach of Eden IFOA-TSL SEFR 05.2010

Pardon me for smiling BDN. H Swift.. 05.2010

To Nippon Paper Company Lois Katz. 05.2010

Logging on Mumbulla Mountain on the far south coast of NSW. SMH(Peter Fray) Gina Lennox. 18.04.2010

“Potential Threat” Narooma News and BDN. Seán Burke. 04.2010

State Forest research shows logging does affect water quality BDN. Richard Blakers 03.2010

Koalas and woodchipping don’t mix BDN. Harriett Swift 22.03<

Kiss Koalas Goodbye BDN. Prue Acton 19.03

Important Issues BDN and Narooma News. Seán Burke 14.03

Flying Foxes in Botanic Gardens Letter to Editor published in SMH. Harriett Swift 26.02

Logging South East NSW to save koalas BDN. Bronte Somerset 02.2010

Koalas The Triangle. Lois Katz 01.2010

“Not green enough” Letter published in Canberra Times. Prue Acton 01.10

Invitation to a Tour to see the other side of Forests NSW’s woodchipping activities. SERCA. 09.2009.

To Ian Barnes, Forests NSW. BDN and Narooma News Weekly, Marco Firth 12.09

Response to John Humphreys. SMH Harriett Swift, 12.09

Value of Native Forests Eden Magnet. Lois Katz 10.09

Response from Peter Garrett to Dane Winbush re forestry activities between Gulaga and Biamanga National Parks.

Letters to electricity retailers. ACTEW, AGL and Australian Power and Gas who said ‘no’ to woodchip power. 07.10.09

‘More than trees’ BDN Prue Acton 02.10.09 28kb

Response Harriett Swift to Bega District News article re Bermagui’s ‘cathedral of trees’ 29.09.09

Cutting carbon debt. SMH Prue Acton 08.09

Response to Vince Phillips Eden Magnet, Merimbula News Weekly Harriett Swift 08.09

Furnace burning native forest wood BDN Prue Acton 08.09

serca letter to The Manager, Green Power, Dept. Water & Energy NSW 21.08.09

Letter to local papers: SEFE managers keep silent at public forum. Prue Acton 03.08.09

Letter to local papers and SMH, Bronte Somerset 06.08.09

Letter to local papers, Sue Norman 05.08.09

Letter to Nick Roberts, CEO, Forests NSW Bronte Somerset 16.06.09

Letter to Sydney Morning Herald by Prue on 03.02.09

Letter to Mr Peter Mitchell, General Manager, South East Fibre Exports Pty Ltd: Invitation to take part in a public forum 22 May, Bren Weatherstone, 20.04.09

Letter in The Age, We cannot drink woodchips, Sarah Rees, MyEnvironment Inc, Healesville 17.04.09

Letter to The Age, Beyond Belief, Jill Redwood, Orbos, 13.04 28kb

Letter to Batemans Bay Post, Mike Thompson, 14.01.09. 60kb

Letter sent to Bega District News, Harriet Swift, 14.01.09

Letter published in Bay Post, Harriet Swift, 14.01.09

Link broken Letter to SMH. response to ‘Sins of emission’, Harriett Swift Bega

Link broken Letter to Bay Post. Wood fired power generation, Harriett Swift

Link broken Letter to Country Energy. Green Power

Link broken Letter to Canberra Times, ‘Carbon forest’ legislation, Prue Acton

Link broken Letter to Canberra Times and Bega News, Banning the use of native forests as so called renewable bio- fuels, Prue Acton

Link broken Letter to Mr. Nicholas Roberts. Chief Executive Officer, Forests NSW, Terence Digwood. 10.09.2008

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we work and live, the Yuin Nation, Wolgalu, Ngarigo, Ngunnawal and Ngambri people(s), and pay our respect to Elders, past, present and emerging.